Private Training sessions are the quickest and most effective way to learn.

Private Lessons are an individual training option for people who prefer to work ‘one on one’. They can be taken as an adjunct to group lessons, or as a standalone training program. Privates can be a great tool for brushing up on weak areas or to delve into areas of personal interest.

Private Lesson topics can be anything of interest to the student. Lessons can progress at the student’s own pace, and can span any range of topics

7 Benefits of Private Instruction

  • Develop the fine details of your technique under the watchful eye of a private trainer.

  • Improve your ability to execute more power in your techniques.

  • In-depth explanations to gain a greater understanding of the concepts and principles of Systema.

  • Accelerate the quality and progress of your training.

  • Reach levels of proficiency and excellence that are not possible through group training alone.

  • Fine-tune your personal areas of need.

  • Enhance any group training that you are already receiving.

One of the great training options offered by Melbourne Systema is “The Buddy System Pricing”. The Buddy System Pricing allows additional people to train with you for only an extra $5.00 per person (up to a maximum of 4 people). The great thing about this option is that it saves you money by reducing the hourly rate that you pay (if you split the total session price with your buddy) and you get the fun factor of training with a friend, family member or co-worker.

Training with another person really helps to keep you motivated and you may even find time to pair up with each other for extra training outside of your scheduled sessions.

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